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George Northup was born the first child of John and Hope (Kelley) Northup in 1789 in Vermont. He married Hannah Clarke (b. Abt 1802 in Eden Hollow, Erie, Ny) and they moved to her home town. George had eight known children, probably from a previous marriage. George died in 1852, Erie County, Ohio.
George Northup was born in Rhode Island. Before 1814, he moved to and raised his family in the Eden-Hamburg, NY, area until his oldest son Nathan (who was working on a boat on the Great Lakes) talked them into going to Ohio (where George is buried). There is an indication that Hannah remarried after George died. George’s estate appraised 02 October 1852, Oxford, Erie County, OH. His will was probated 21 September 1852. George lived in Enterprise at the time of his death (lots 5, 6, and 7).

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George and Hannah (Clarke) Northup Family

Children of George and Hannah Northup
(Quite probably of George’s unknown 1st wife)

Nathaniel (Nathan) Northup 11 Jun 1817; Eden Hollow, Erie, Ny Died: 10 Feb 1891 Audubon, Ia
Lydia b. 1820
William Henry b. 12 Feb 1827 Eden Hollow, Erie, Ny Died: 11 Apr 1901
Sally b. abt 1829 in Erie, NY. m. SAMUEL STRONG (2 children) d. ??
Mary b. abt 1831 in Erie, NY. m. Benjamin Ferris in 1854 d. 03 August 1897
Martin Van Buren Northup b. abt 1833 in Erie, NY. m. Lois Young 24 December 1860
Lydia m. John Wykoff
Benjamin Franklin Northup b. abt 1835 in Erie, NY.
Angeline b. abt. 1837 in Erie, NY d. 29 September 1861 at age 32 in Toledo, OH